"Aldo Bakker is one of the new wave of designers who could be called design-auteurs for the same reason that François Truffaut dubbed his generation of experimental French filmmakers 'auteurs' in 1954, because they treat their work as a medium of self-expression."  – Alice Rawsthorn, The New York Times

Aldo Bakker’s objects are primitive. Like a quattrocento Venetian glass or a grain jar from the Han Dynasty dating back to the 2nd century, their timelessness ties the past to the present. In Bakker’s work, form and function prevail. 



Every piece that Bakker designs comes with a choreographed movement of its own, completed by its user: sculpted out of a single piece of solid oak, his wooden Tonus Stool seems to be equally poised for eternity and ready to "dance, awake, unfold."



Like a conductor, Aldo Bakker orchestrates precise gestures; he gives life to copper, ceramics and wood and reveals the craftsman behind every curve and dent. Each of Aldo Bakker's works results from the dexterity of his master-craftsmen collaborators, Jan Matthesius, Frans Ottink and Rutger Graas.