Concave Ice Bucket

Charlotte Talbot Les Atelier Courbet Wiener Silber Silver Concave Ice Bucket
Charlotte Talbot Les Atelier Courbet Wiener Silber Silver Concave Ice Bucket

Concave Ice Bucket



Ed Tuttle



Wiener Silber



"Concave" Ice Bucket, 2012

Bronze vessels of the Chinese Han Dynasty inspired the form of this ice bucket by renowned architect and designer Ed Tuttle. The gently curved outline, the smoothly polished wall, the semi-circular handle on the flat lid - the restraint in the design emphasizes the high quality of craftsmanship.


Edward Tuttle designed this and three other ice buckets in 2012 for Wiener Silber Manufactur, which was founded in 1882 by Alexander Sturm. Sturm was a trained gold- and silversmith. By the turn of the century the silversmiths created objects for the intellectual elite that favored the simple lines of the Wiener Werkstatte.


After the second World War, the manufacturer became involved with avant-garde again and partnerships with luminary designers and architects lasted until it closed its doors in 1988. It was the vision of an innovative tradition of service that inspired George Stradiot to found the Vienna Silver Manufacture in 2008. Today the company revives masterpieces from their collection of 11,000 drawings dating to 1882, as well as paves new roads in the production of silver with artists such as Erwin Wurm and Zaha Hadid.


Wiener Silber Manufactur uses a special alloy that contains 94% by mass of silver (Sterling silver, by comparison, only contains 92.5% of silver). The high value of raw materials ensures that the product value will increase over the years. In addition, the silver- ware is exceptionally easy to clean, since it is dishwasher-proof and extremely resistant to tarnishing.



Pure Silver, polished and hand-crafted in Vienna



3200 g.



Ø 7.5" x H 8.3"




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