Founded by Quinlan Osborne, Martin Poitras and Philip Hazan, Claste is a furniture design studio that creates both simple and iconoclastic pieces with an unrelenting attention to detail.


With their combined artistry and in-depth knowledge of the traditional craftsmanship techniques, the trio creates designs that intrigue the user and challenge the makers. Each a craftsmanship's prowess, the resulting pieces show impeccable details and great manufacturing performance through timeless simplicity and elegance.


Claste works closely with the finest artisans at all stages of the development process. Every step from design conception to finishing is analyzed and refined ensuring that all their work is infused with a unique expression of ingenuity and permanence.


Collection One (Tension) consists of bold and evocative elements using a limited material palette of glass and stone. This collection is assembled to elicit the tension inherent in the nature of each material and highlights Claste’s innovative and moving approach to timeless, elegant furniture. 


This series has been designed to challenge prevailing perspectives and perceptions by de-familiarizing the everyday so as to make the act of sitting a conscious rather than an unconscious act.





Claste Portrait Les Ateliers Courbet
Les Ateliers Courbet Claste Furniture Design Canada