Magnificat Vase

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Magnificat Puiforcat - vase.jpg

Magnificat Vase

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Puiforcat + Paloma & Juan Garrido




For nearly two centuries, Puiforcat has been the silversmith signature of the world’s connoisseurs and collectors of exceptional objects. Collections of sterling silver cutlery, serving pieces, trays, centerpieces and candelabras are meticulously and exclusively handcrafted in the Puiforcat workshops, now housed by the Hermès manufacture in the outskirt of Paris. The Puiforcat signature has long become a label of silverwork excellence and an icon of the Art Deco style. The sleek and formal geometrical lines that reflect the period’s aesthetic were drawn by Jean Puiforcat. Master silversmith and fourth-generation member of the Puiforcat family, Jean headed the workshop in the 1920s. Involved with the Art Deco movement and the Union des Artistes Modernes, Mister Puiforcat forged a distinctive sculptural and geometric signature associating basic shapes with rigorous lines.

Constantly renewing the workshop’s tradition of fine decorative silverwork generation after generation, the workshop reproduces original designs of Jean Puiforcat with the most meticulous discipline. Today, the workshop introduces Magnificat; a new collection created in collaboration with Spanish master-silversmiths and artists, Juan and Paloma Garrido.


The collection includes seven exceptional pieces, each requiring up to 10 weeks of painstaking silver work by the masters of Puiforcat and the Garrido's workshop.  The seven pieces involve seven different master-craftsmen and their silversmithery including cold forging, hammering, planning, assembly, welding, deburring, polishing, chiseling. The objects are crafted in nickel-plated brass; a metal that shows adapted properties for the use as it doesn’t rust and is conducive to mirror-polish finishes of exceptional quality.


The pieces are limited and numbered from 1 to 20.




L 7" x H 17.7"



Nickel Plated Brass