Hosoo is a Kyoto-based textile company founded in 1688 that specializes in superior quality fabrics for high-end interior design and fashion.

Hosoo’s history can be traced back to the Kyoto silk industry of the sixth century. The company is today widely acknowledged for its exceptional skills within traditional Japanese three-dimensional weaving techniques and for applying richly textured Nishijin weaving to contemporary design.


Hosoo fabrics are designed and developed in a close collaboration with world-acclaimed designers using only premium materials such as silk and washi paper produced by artisan craftspeople in Kyoto. With a distinct focus on craft and quality, all textiles are manufactured at Hosoo’s Kyoto facility and workshop.


Nishijin weaving has been recognized for centuries for its beauty and detail. The entire process takes place over many stages, each expertly executed by craftspeople from Kyoto. Creating the pattern is the first and perhaps most crucial step in the designing of Nishijin textile. The patterns are created using traditional techniques that have been adapted to modern taste and sensibilities. Once the pattern has been developed, a color-schemed digital template is created as the blueprint for textile production.




Today, the Nishijin textile industry applies advanced looming technologies to enhance traditional weaving methods and meet the demands of a modern society. A heddle is an integral part of a loom. Each thread in the warp passes through a heddle, which is used to separate the warp threads for the passage of the weft. Each heddle has an eye in the centre through which the warp is threaded.



The dyeing of the yarns – along with designing the textile patterns themselves – is considered one of the most important stages in Nishijin weaving. Yarns are dyed with meticulous care to compose the individual color schemes of each design for a richer and deeper tone. After the dying, the silk is fitted onto yarn frames for easy handling during warping and weaving.



A unique feature of Nishijin fabrics is the inclusion of gold and silver washi paper shreds,which are woven with silk thread using time-honored techniques to create sophisticated, contemporary fabrics. In preparation of the weaving process, gold or silver foil is pasted onto sheets of washi paper, which are then shredded. Traditional Japanese washi paper is used due to its strength and durability.