Lolli e Memmoli

Since 1993, Milanese architects Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli have created meticulously handcrafted cascades of light. Throughout the collections, their design signature lays in the constant disappearance of the supportive structure shading away, leaving us with the illusion of floating lighted crystals. The gems are woven and attached to one another with thin wires. The mesmerizing refraction of their lighting pieces comes from both their design integrity and the pure Bohemian pure crystals that Lolli e Memmoli sources from the Czech Republic.


"Crystal is fascinating for its transparency and delicacy", explain Lolli e Memmoli, "but it is actually a heavy material. We wanted to free it from any superstructure in order to bring out its lightness". 


With a team of over 20 specialized artisans, Lolli e Memmoli bridge traditional craftsmanship to modern design.  Together they developed an ingenious system to weave and attach the crystals with minimal, almost nonexistent structures.


The improved technique permits non-repetitive assembly of the pieces in all directions, so each lighting system is matchless. A sort of contemporary de-constructivism that allows layering and overlaps of different shapes and lengths, each composed of thousands of crystals, in a wide range of colors.