Born in Cremona, Italy in 1965, Mauro Mori has traveled widely ever since his youth and expresses his perceptions of trips through manual creativity. His chance meetings with people and cultures, different languages and unusual places supply the ideas on which his research is based and they are expressed in his functional and figurative personalized forms. 


Mauro Mori's shapes are unique in that they are hand-made, sculpted and carved from solid blocks of natural matter. Often, they are tooled in their places of origin, like the Albizia Rosa of Seychelles or the marble, hand-picked and worked directly at Carrara. The plasticity of the materials, the relief work on them and the intended and evident craftsmanship constitute the common thread running through all his work. The search for innovative solutions from wood has also led him to marbles and stones which, extracted from solid matter, reveals the desired form through a process of subtraction. Metals too — which are cast and then completed with oxidations and patinas — are the fruit of his constant research and development. 


From 1995 through 2004 he designed and produced a collection distributed by Mondo Cappellini, and, in 1998 inaugurated his own atelier in Milan where he continues to experiment and distribute his work. Today, the artist's collections encompass Lighting, Limited Edition Furniture, Open Editioned Furniture, One of a Kind pieces and commissions, free standing Sculptures, and Wall Art. Les Ateliers Courbet is pleased to represent the full spectrum of Mauro Mori's work in New York.