Anabela Chan originally trained as an architect and designs incredibly complex, delicate jewelry that encompasses a large variety of precious stones and metals. Combining her love affair with gemstones and an obsession to detail and perfection Chan creates jewelry of infinite depth and dazzling colors, as well as stunning Objets d'Art from natural materials.

Anabelle Chan’s love for color extends past gemstones and into the exotic. During a childhood spent traveling, she developed an interest in ornithology and, later, taxidermy. These fascinations take her objet d’art into the realm of entomology. Each piece has dozens of butterfly wings attached to spokes and spools of brass and gold. Divorced of their “thingness,” these wings become intricate masses of ethereal color. The craftsmanships and material included in the series involve glass, crystal, ceramic and marble.


Anabela Chan also unveils at Les Ateliers Courbet a collaborative collection of textile for Bernhardt Design. The American furniture and textile makers have invited the artist to create a series of textile designs and patterns using her creative universe and the sources of inspiration she finds in nature.

Chan’s pieces evoke the Fin-de-Siecle collections of painted porcelain menageries. Their fragility and precision combine to create forms that hardly seem objects of nature. Through an alchemy of natural, precious and man-made materials, Anabela combines elegant sculptural forms with dream-like romanticism and thought-provoking narratives.


Anabela Chan Portrait