Founded in 1718, the “Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten” is one of the oldest and most renowned porcelain manufactories in Europe. Since its very first days, the company has been devoted to producing the highest quality of porcelain.

Manufactured and hand-painted in the heart of Vienna, each piece of porcelain has been a reflection of the company’s standard for excellence. Marrying an impeccable purity of line with delicate patterns, the manufactory’s porcelain has come to be world renowned for its timeless grace and elegance.


The secret to the production of porcelain had fascinated the western world ever since Marco Polo brought the first porcelain pieces back from his travels to China in the 14th century. While only three ingredients were necessary to produce porcelain, dosing them properly required alchemical sensibility. Yet, once the correct ratio of Feldspar, Quartz and Kaolinite was found, porcelain in industry was born. As a viscous molding compound, it can be processed immediately to produce castings. Conversely, the porcelain mixture used for flat parts – such as plates – must mature for a few months in order to obtain the ideal consistency. Thus, a recipe which at first glance seems so simple is actually quite complex and achieving the right porcelain consistency through blending and timing requires experience and intuition.


Each piece directly reflects the period in which it was designed. From the playful Rococo designs made during Maria Theresa's rule, the Classicism that prevailed under the management of Conrad Sörgel von Sorgenthal, the Biedermeier style of the industrial era and the Modernist styles of the Vienna Secession, owning a piece of Augarten porcelain means owning a piece of Austrian history.


The Vienna Porcelain Manufactory continues to innovate its production and advance its techniques by collaborating with contemporary artists and designers ever since its foundation. Gundi Dietz, Thomas Feichtner, Philip Bruni, Gottfried Palatin or Gabriele Rothemann are just a few designers, who created one-of-a-kind porcelain items in the last years. 



Augarten Porcelain Manufacturer in Vienna