Nymphenburg Coral Votive

Coral Photophore.jpeg
Coral Photophore.jpeg

Nymphenburg Coral Votive



Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg



Ted Muehling



New York based esteemed artist, Ted Muehling has been designing a variety of collections and objects for Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg since 1999: vases, lanterns and candlesticks based in shape and structure on corals, leaves and branches; the Maritime Collection with snail and sea shells, the White Coral series as well as the Butterfly Collection – a plain service decorated with butterfly motifs.

Ted Muehling also created the iconic Volute Bowl for the porcelain manufacturers, which has become the trophy for the "Prix du Design" awarded annually by Monaco’s Highness Prince Albert II and Bavaria’s Highness Prince Leopold to the most beautiful yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show. 

Muehling has been designing jewelry and objects inspired by natural shapes since 1976. "I try to restrict my vocabulary of shape by abstracting forms from nature and transforming them with the aim of creating objects that function just as well as they look. My designs trace the invisible shapes that exist between nature and our perception of it." Today, Ted Muehling’s work may be found in numerous private and public collections.



White Biscuit Porcelain

Glazed in the interior

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 Pictures ©Elizabeth Rosenfeld

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