Les Ateliers Courbet is pleased to unveil multidisciplinary artist Peter Speliopoulos’ new body of work on September 5, 2019 and present ‘ARCHAEOS’ the artist’s very first solo exhibition in New York.

The show will highlight an ensemble of highly textured ceramic vessels resulting from the artist’s longstanding interest in and experimentations with the medium. Speliopoulos’ passion for craftsmanship, organic textures and forms has informed his work throughout his creative career. His recent dedication to clay has unleashed a new form of expression distinguished by artistic maturity and multilayered cultural influences.

In his own words, Speliopoulos prompts us to regard his work as allegories of the human condition; “...each piece tells a story of how external forces shape us, how we find beauty in our individuality and imperfections. I strive to create tactile surfaces that beg to be touched, alongside a visual power that makes the work feel alive and provokes emotion.” – Peter Speliopoulos

On view at the Chelsea gallery through November 5, 2019, Speliopoulos' ceramic pieces reflect the artist's fascination for the malleability and the textural expressions of clay. As he investigates time-honored techniques, the artist offers a contemporary interpretation of the traditional wheel-thrown forms of Antiquity ceramics with a personal twist and emphasized textures. The cracked and glazed surfaces of matte and luster layers result from the application of sodium silicate on each slipped cylinder, drying out the clay and provoking the outer surface to rupture. Glazes of different shades and opacities are layered in feathery, gestural sweeps, accentuating the mosaic patterned surfaces. The artist accentuates some of the skins corroded colorations and conveys a sense of erosion as if the resulting piece had been excavated from the land or the sea.

Each vessel is unique and hand-crafted by the artist in his New York studio.