Dutch ceramicist Frans Ottink (born 1961) has been developing and fabricating porcelain pieces for clients - whether artists or publishers - since 1989, while designing his personal work. Infused in both his commission and personal work, Ottink’s style is characterized by a dedication to simple quality and clean forms. He studied at the Academy for Visual Education in Amersfoort and the Art EZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. Ottink has gone on to teach ceramics and design at the Design Academy in Eindoven, Netherlands and the HKU School of the Arts in Utrecht.

Presented at Les Ateliers Courbet, the collaboration between Aldo Bakker and Frans Ottink started with a commission by Design publisher Thomas Eyck for a Porcelain Tableware series that has since been seen in Museums, Design publications and private homes around the world.

Bakker and Ottink have never ceased to collaborate ever since.

“From the moment I started with my first project for Aldo, our collaboration has become very close. I can sense what he means in a drawing or a model, and Aldo more and more understands the possibilities in working with porcelain. I am always certain that Aldo values my opinion, and that my part consist of more than the execution of a design alone. Together we create beautiful products, in which form, craftsmanship and material merge.” – Frans Ottink