Tigerklo Craft & Design is a Stockholm-based company founded by Fredrik Tigerklo. The collection is hand-stitched and fabricated with the highest leather quality at the tannery of Tärnsjö. With Scandinavian design and carefully selected materials, Tigerklo offers leather accessories made in Sweden with the genuine and long-standing expertise of the centuries old manufacture of Tärnsjö. Over the years the plant has manufactured products for Louis Vuitton and Acne, amongst others. Everything is assembled and stitched by hand. The seamstress will burn in an individual signature on each item during production to guarantee quality.


Tigerklo uses vegetable-tanned leather, full of grain, which offers an exquisite feel and ages gracefully. The vegetable-tanned leather develops a beautiful patina, and with time darkens beautifully. Each leather piece is stitched by hand and individually embossed with Tigerklo’s label of authenticity and quality. Fredrik aims to create products that are genuine, life-long lasting and that age with their owner.


Fredrik Tigerklo was born and raised in Stockholm. His passion for leather goods was born during his childhood at the horse ranch where he grew up. Inspired by his grandfather who would hand make everything, he would possibly need and would work with leather as well as iron. Fredrik was thought the value of real craftsmanship. Grandpa Gunnar imprinted everything he made with a flower symbol. As an homage, Tigerklo has chosen the same flower as an emblem stamped on every piece of his collection.