From the Road travels the globe in search of master artisans using ancient techniques that are in danger of disappearing. Each season they live, work and collaborate with these kindred spirits to create beautiful objects for home and fashion that are both modern and authentic. Their goal to preserve the time-honored artistry and support the way of life of master weavers in Nepal.


They do not arrive at a destination with designs in hand. Rather, they embark on each journey with an open mind and an eagerness to be influenced by the surrounding culture and people. They spend time immersing themselves in the culture—meeting the people, taking part in their daily routines and learning about their ancient customs, rituals, and techniques. It is out of these experiences that the artisan partnerships are formed and the inspiration for the products emerges.


From the Road has an ongoing collaboration with master weavers in Nepal and has partnered with the United Nation’s Ethical Fashion Initiative to further preserve and reinvigorate this region's hand-weaving traditions.