Isabelle Cajfinger has dedicated her life to support the meticulous work of highly skilled craftsmen from remote places in Kashmir. While bringing sought-after cashmere quality to her clients, Cajfinger helps preserve the ancestral tradition of Srinagar in the Kashmiri Valley. Her workshops offers an uncompromising selection of the finest materials, from pure cashmere of the Kashmiri Srinagar Valley to the finest wool from New Zealand.

Isabelle Cajfinger’s collection is born from the golden fingers of highly skilled Master Craftsmen near Dal Lake in the Kashmiri Srinagar Valley. She has built a close relationship with them for the past 15 years. These elite collaborators master rare ancestral weaving and hand embroidery techniques. They produce the finest cashmere available today and respect the traditional savoir-faire for its production. The creation of this amazing fiber requires the coldest temperatures as well as a specific way of harvesting, cutting, combing, and cleaning the under layer of wool developed thanks to the cold. Properly spinning this delicate thread is crucial so it doesn’t break in weaving.


Each creation demands between a few weeks and a few years of work. Only a very limited number of pieces are available each year. The Master Craftsmen of Isabelle Cajfinger are proud to dedicate their time to incredible, tailor-made cashmere pieces she commissions, most of which are signed.