Helfried Kodré is a pioneering Austrian exponent of contemporary art jewelry. Trained as a goldsmith in the 1960s while he was also studying art history, Kodré began to create jewelry works in collaboration with Elisabeth Defner, to whom he was married at the time.  

At the outset of his career, Kodré's formal bent was towards natural symbolism and organic allusions. Since the early 1990s an entirely different aesthetic has informed his work: precise, complex geometric articulation that is anything but ambivalent.
In Kodré's most recent work, the play of volumes and their exciting relationships predominate in a rhythm of expansion, opening and overlapping. His work is included in the Rose- Asenbaum Collection, Dallas Museum OfArt., among others, and is the subject of monographic study, Helfried Kodré: Vedere L'invisible, published in 2006.










HELFRIED KODRE Portrait Les Ateliers Courbet.jpeg