South African ceramicist Katherine Glenday has garnered international recognition with her idiosyncratic porcelain collection. The artist has grown her porcelain mastery through working with masters and collaborators around the world, exploring the wide porcelain’s range of expressive qualities.

Through the course of her experimentation she develops distinctive and highly recognizable vessels that accentuate porcelain’s translucent quality. Utilizing a variety of forming methods, most notably slip casting, and occasionally wheel throwing, she creates forms that are three-dimensional canvases. She then introduces minerals and oxides often gleaned directly from the natural world, such as mud from the Niger River or clay from the Cedarburg, as her “paint.” 

These elements are incorporated within these luminous vessels. Although the formation of her work is often visceral and full of movement, the resulting pieces possess a zen-like, meditative element.


Latest creations by Glenday have focused on exploring positive and negative space in porcelain. Some of the pieces seem to reference Franz Kline in the use of abstracted black “brush” strokes to create an interplay between light and dark. Other pieces that are less gestural and intentional, feature natural material settling and gathering with little explicit guidance from the artist’s hand.





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