Plaster Virgule Lamp | Dreyfus

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Thierry Drefus Virgule Lamp22.jpg

Plaster Virgule Lamp | Dreyfus



Thierry Dreyfus



Atelier Thierry Dreyfus



Edition of 8 + 2 AP

“A pure line, a movement, a breath, a comma... the essential.” Thierry Dreyfus

The light slides over this elegant form thanks to hidden LED which are reflected in cedar wood, marble, alabaster, onyx or brass... A different light provided by the chosen material is created for each piece.

Virgule is a series consisting in five editions issued in five different materials, each of which is limited to 8 pieces + 2 AP. Each virgule features the date of fabrication, edition number and the signature of the artist.


Working with one of the most elusive and immaterial elements – light – Thierry Dreyfus has explored many of its intangible facets. The French artist has gained international recognition since 1985 and collaborated with international luminaries for public or private institutions around the world. Dreyfus is the light behind some of the most notable fashion shows around the world with long term collaborations including Helmut Lang, Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, Victoria Bekham and Jil Sander among others. Commissioned by cities and institutions, hotels and private collectors, he illuminated the Grand Palais for its reopening in 2005, the Gardens of Versailles as well as London's Canary Wharf, the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris or the cities of Shanghai, Singapore and New York.



8 + 2AP


* Numbered, Dated & Signed by the Artist

* Five limited editions were issued in five different materials



W 9.1" x D 9.1" x H 14.2" 



6.6 lbs



Hand-carved plaster

LED light

* Available in Cedar Wood, Walnut Wood, Onyx and Marble.




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