Lolli e Memmoli


Milanese architects Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli have created meticulously handcrafted lighting pieces since opening their eponymous atelier in 1993. 

Recognizable for the consistent seeming disappearance of the chandeliers’ supportive structure, their collection designs give a sense of lightness and a modern aesthetic to the traditionally heavyweight chandelier design. Like the glowing silhouettes of couture dresses, each of Lolli e Memmoli's light pieces features detailed meshes of hand-cut Bohemian crystals sewn together around thin and seamless structures.



With a team of over 20 specialized artisans, Lolli e Memmoli bridge traditional craftsmanship to modern design. Together they have developed an ingenious system for weaving and attaching the crystals with the aforementioned minimal, almost nonexistent structures, a technique which permits non-repetitive assembly of the pieces in all directions – a sort of contemporary Deconstructivism that allows layering and overlaps of different shapes and lengths, composed of thousands of crystals, in a wide range of colors. 


Lolli e Memmoli Les Ateliers Courbet Milan Lights
Lolli e Memmoli Les Ateliers Courbet Lights milan