Mauro Mori (Cremona, Italy 1965) has traveled widely ever since his youth. Mori's opportunity to meet people and experience their cultures and natural environments influence the ideas on which his work is based and inform his approach as a sculptor and a furniture maker.

Mori was trained as a traditional wood and stone artisan in his native Italy. The maturity of his work today reflects an ongoing exploration of traditional Italian sculpting and carving techniques across mediums including wood, stone, brass, copper and bronze. His works are directly molded by hand and are most often carved in the place of the medium’s origin. The sculptural and textured silhouettes created by Mori are informed and inspired by the very nature of their chosen material. Mori's sensitivity to the medium's unrefined beauty and sensuality endows his work with a sense of appreciation for the culture and environment from which they originate. Much of the wood comes from the Albizia tree, carved from massive blocks in the Seychelles; while the Carrara marble is carefully chosen by Mori in Northern Italy near his studio where they are then carved.The plasticity of the materials and the obvious trace of the artist's hand expose Mori's craftsmanship and combined, these elements constitute the common thread running through his oeuvre; revealing the desired form through a process of subtraction.

Mori's continuous research and development is also demonstrated in his metal works which are tooled in plate form and hand-finished with oxidations and patinas. Mori's collection includes decorative vessels, large-scale sculptures commissioned for both private and public spaces, and an extensive line of made-to-order furniture pieces.






Mauro Mori studio Milan Les Ateliers Courbet