Based in Paris, esteemed architect and discreet artist Michel Amar has designed and built confidential interiors and elegant hotels particuliers for a private clientele – built up by word of mouth – for over 25 years.

In parallel to these private residences, Amar’s work is known to the broader public through such hand-picked hospitality projects as the Hotel Elysees in Paris, Le Royal Hotel, and Restaurant il Vino in the 7th Arrondissement.

Shown for the first time in the United States at Les Ateliers Courbet, his Objets d’Art collection includes elegant furniture, lighting, and decorative pieces, each reflecting the artist’s passion for the material, and emphasized by impeccable and painstaking craftsmanship.


The simplicity and sensuous silhouettes are hand-carved in marble and onyx, or cast in masculine, heavy-weight and textured materials. Together, these materialities create a cohesive and timeless collection. Amar works closely with some of the most highly regarded marble manufacturers and foundries of the French capital, including Les Marbreries de Seine and la Fonderie Chapon. With their close collaboration, Amar is able to synthesize forward-thinking design with centuries-old techniques perfected through generations of experience and experimentation.