Norlha brings lush lifestyle goods made from yak wool from the Machu and Zorge Ritoma areas of Amdo, Tibet. The Norlha workshop was founded in 2007, following two straights years of research on yak fiber and its possibilities for transformation.

Norlha directly links sustainability and luxury with organic and natural products processed by hand while at the same time creating an alternative livelihood to an impoverished area. Norlha trains and employs Tibetan nomads on the high plateau to process and transform the fiber from their yaks. The workshop presents lasting value, elegance, lusciousness and personal comfort all with meaning and a purpose. In step with their Tibetan origin, Norlha integrates the many textures achieved with yak Khullu, with simple and sophisticated designs. Combining traditional techniques with more modern technology results in luxurious textiles and an endless variety of patterns and weights suitable for all seasons.


Norlha’s founder, Kim Yeshi, was convinced that the yak’s dense under coat, or khullu, held special properties prompting her to collect two tons of yak wool from the Machu and Zorge Ritoma areas of Amdo. Once cleaned and de-haired, the fiber was loaded on a truck and transported to Katmandu where it was spun and woven. The people from Zorge Ritoma, where the workshop is located, have a natural inclination for spinning and weaving. To enhance the capabilities of the craftsmen, Norhla introduced versatile techniques from Nepal and India that were well adapted to a village setting. The result was beyond expectation: the yak was lusciously soft, warm and rugged.