A. Bakker Salt Cellar Silver

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A. Bakker Salt Cellar Silver



Aldo Bakker


Jan Matthesius & Andre van Loon



Commissioned by Dutch furniture and design objects producer, Thomas Eyck, Aldo’s silver tableware collection is a prolongation of the original porcelain series. It continues to unfold beautifully crafted serving objects with designs that guide the service ritual and movement in a natural and whimsical way. A couple hours north of Amsterdam, Thomas Eyck presents and develops collections of furniture and design objects inviting guest artists to create for a specific material in collaboration with local craftsmen that Thomas carefully selects. Advocating for the quality and value of traditional craftsmanship, Thomas supports the workshops of Netherlands’ skilled hands while inspiring the craftsmen to explore innovative techniques to serve our contemporary lifestyle together with the design luminaries of today. Thomas’ collection, named t.e., is the reflection of his close attention to linking the right material, the right workshops and the right designer together. 


The Sterling silver saltcellar results from the on-going collaboration Aldo Bakker and Jan Matthesius. Netherlands-based, Jan was first trained as a mechanical engineer before receiving his goldsmith education at the Schoonhoven school in the province of South Holland. Schoonhoven is renowned for its heritage of silversmith going as far back as the 17th century hence it is nicknamed Zilverstad ("Silver City"). Inspired and interested in Jan’s combined skills, Aldo says: “As long as I have known Jan’s work, he has shown skilled uses of tools in different and creative ways others than those for which they were made.”

Jan Matthesius is the craftsman collaborator behind all silver and fine metal works for Aldo. In parallel to his collaboration with Aldo, Jan designs and fabricates exquisite jewelry pieces. His work is collected by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Museum for the modern art in Arnhem. Jan won the Schoonhoven Silver Award in 2006.

“I am always touched by the correctness of Aldo’s designs. It takes a second glance to comprehend the shape, movement and functionality of his design as a whole. They are mind-provocative and whimsical. Every detail and movement is thought through and feels just right. His approach and thorough thinking of the life in movement of the object as it interacts with its end user is where lays our challenge as collaborative craftsmen. We thrive through meeting the commissioners’ expectations and find solutions to give life and form to his design ideas while addressing every specificities and technical challenges it may unfold at first.” 
Material: Sterling silver gold plated on the inside



12 x 7 x 2.5 cm



Upon Request


(c) Photography by Erik and Petra Hesmerg

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