A. Llewellyn Surf Club Deco

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A. Llewellyn Surf Club Deco



Alexandra Llewellyn


Ed. of 4 + 1 AP

Llewellyn creates a limited edition backgammon board for Courbet and The Surf Club inspired by Miami's and The Surf Club's elegant art deco design identity inherited from its glamorous heydays. 

The custom marquetry design with inlaid brass triangles is on a black poplar background. The box is made of European Olive tree. Playing pieces are man-made turquoise and lapis blue stones encased in brass to pick up the colours in the deco style marquetry 

The playing pieces are malachite and mother of pearl inlaid in brass; the shakers are also calf leather with inside lips to ensure fair and random rolls of the precision laser cut dice. The doubling die is weighted leather.

Chips available in semi-precious stones, wood, leather and bespoke materials upon request.

Introduced as a child to backgammon in the alleys of Cairo by her Egyptian step-grandfather, Alexandra's appreciation for the game and the inherent beauty of the board grew over the years.

After training as a fine artist in Leeds and the University of California, Santa Barbara, Alexandra in 2007 returned to London to head product development for The Prince's School of Traditional Arts. Founded by the Prince of Wales, the school aims to preserve and teach traditional craftsmanship techniques. During this time, Alexandra's interest in traditional craft, contemporary art and cutting-edge technology flourished, leading her in 2010 to design backgammon boards. This incredibly traditional pastime was the perfect way for Alexandra to express her love of materials, with wooden designs featuring beautifully textured feathers, antlers, butterflies, palm trees and vintage nude images.



60 x 38 x 10.5 cm / 23.5 x 15 x 4 in


60 x 77 x 5 cm / 23.5 x 30 x 2 in


Upon Request

* 1 Currently Available

Limited Edition of 10 sets.



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