One of the most heralded lighting artists of our generation, Thierry Dreyfus has established his artist’s signature with public art and lighting installations commissioned by international cities, major institutions and hotels around the world. Available exclusively at Les Ateliers Courbet, Thierry Dreyfus expands his expertise to lighting and furniture that reflects the breadth and poetry of the artist's creative mastery of light at an intimate and personal scale.


Esteemed by the fashion industry, Dreyfus has long created the lighting scenography for the Fashion Week runways of designers including Diane Von Furstenberg, Comme des Garçons, Yves Saint- Laurent, Calvin Klein and Victoria Beckham among others. From the runway to the halls of some of the world’s most historic monuments, Dreyfus has spent 30 years sculpting, drawing and projecting light from or onto buildings, interior environments and objects.


He holds the honor of being the first artist commissioned for site-specific public work at Notre Dame de Paris since its construction in the 12th Century.  Twice he has been called to reimagine the gardens at Versailles for their annual artist in residency program. Dreyfus works closely with creative luminaries enhancing their vision with a subtle yet powerful light touch; transforming and expanding experiences whether interior or exterior, permanent or ephemeral. Thierry sees light as a medium that triggers emotions, conveys hidden messages and one that can change an entire environment experience on its own.