Thornwillow press has brought to bibliophiles their mastery of the craft of paper-making, letterpress printing and bookbinding for over thirty years. Thornwillow presents limited edition and one of a kind works, from pace-paper, letterpress and stationary, to bookbinding and fine printing of editioned imprints.  

Founder Luke Ives Pontifell started the company in 1985 at the age of 16 and his imprints are now highly regarded in the circles of the contemporary literati. Over the years, Thornwillow has acquired massive vintage presses from the 19th and 20th centuries, “combining ancient crafts that would have been familiar to Gutenberg with digital technologies of today.”


“I collect presses the way some people collect cars,” says Pontifell, who even owns a c.1915 press that once belonged to Charles Scribner’s Sons, the great publisher that debuted works by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest  Hemingway.


Much in line with the guiding principles of Les Ateliers Courbet, Thornwillow brings intention, quality, and meticulous craftsmanship to its work. Their team of master engravers and letterpress printers are dedicated to producing superior design and quality. While they design and manufacture correspondence papers for some of the finest purveyors of stationery, they have also launched their own lines of cards which draw from the aesthetic  vocabulary of books and from the rich traditions of classical engraving and letterpress printing. The company frequently collaborates with premier authors and illustrators from around the world.


Limited edition books are the cornerstone of Thornwillow; the roster of collectors range from the White House to the Vatican and the Smithsonian. Their patrons span from Hermes and Mont Blanc, to some of the finest brands of today.


Thornwillow Press enhances the relationship between the reader and the written word. Their paper, printing, binding and books are meant to be powerful media for communicating and preserving ideas in the modern world.